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Originally posted by Perseid
Install caused a blue screen: Stop 000000F4
00000003 88C67788 88C678FC 805C75B8

On reboot the system would blue screen again until I went into safe mode and took OrbTray.exe out of the startup list.

AthlonXP 3700+, 2GB RAM, DFI Lanparty Ultra motherboard, XP SP2, GeForce 7900 GT KO.

That's weird. A stop error 000000F4 is usually hardware-related...
- Did you recently install a new hardware device (like a webcam, a TV tuner, etc.)?
- If not, have you updated device drivers on your PC?

In any event, and if you still have your logs folder (%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\OrbNetworks\Logs), can you compress it and email it to so we can take a look at it?

Make sure you write WR- as the first 2 words of your subject line in this email.
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