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I'm working on a new SDK, should hopefully be ready in a few weeks.

For treeview rearranging, this one might help

// like ML_IPC_TREEITEM_ADDW, but id becomes an "insert after" ID

only available with the unicode MLTREEITEMW, no ANSI version available (Easy enough to add but then it'd be 5.54+)

The API for systematic expand/collapse is in gen_ml\ml_ipc_0313.h. I'm not sure if that file is in the 5.36 SDK. The function is MLNavItem_Expand but it's a bit tricky to use unless you're using the new API. As to why there's no basically 3 media library treeview API's. well, i won't comment.

As for drag&drop across levels. I'll have to look.
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