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Yess, the window works now!
Sorry for bothering so much, but i have another problem. I converted the gen_plugin to a dsp plugin by changing struct types and the function (keeping everything from the original gen plugin), and it all compiled correctly, but if i go to the dps plugins list in the preferences of winamp and either try to close the plugin or switch to a different one, or uninstall, it just makes winamp not respond. I guess i must have some quit procedure taht is special about the DSP plugin as opposed to a GEN?

Im attaching the file that i actually modified (txt is actually .cpp)
And in the header embedwnd.h i just changed one line:
from: extern winampGeneralPurposePlugin plugin;
to: extern winampDSPModule plugin;

Whats worse, im looking at the code of the program and i dont see where exactly the window is ACTUALLY created. Where is the createwindowEx function? and the PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR? how do I use the window, specifically setting it up for opengl?
could you explain whats going on?

thanks a million!

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