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Need help with per user installer that needs admin for one section


I am developing an installer for a per-user app that gets installed into $PROFILE. It has to be per-user to prevent multiple instances running from the same IP address. The app has a distributed architecture in which a main process launches sub-processes and various command line tools.

This would be easy to do, just run as user and write to HKCU, user profile, etc. Except, I am using SimpleFC (firewall plugin) to add firewall rules for our app. This requires elevation to write to HKLM. If the installer runs elevated (with UAC plugin), the all of the installed files are owned by admin which breaks the application, since it cannot run many of the subprocs it needs to.

So, my question is, how do I request a higher execution level for only one area or section of the installer and uninstaller? Or, would it be better to use the UAC plugin and run everything but the firewall exceptions as user(this would be messy)?

I can provide code, clarification, or anything else. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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