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Do you also have troubles with other Winamp settings not being saved correctly? Regardless, try one or more of the following...
  • While Winamp is not running...
    1. Right click on the Winamp folder (usually C:\Program Files\Winamp)
    2. select Properties
    3. General tab
    4. uncheck/unselect 'Read-only' > click Apply
    5. If asked to confirm, select 'Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files' > click OK
    6. click OK

    That should remove any arbitrary read-only settings with in the Winamp folder and allow the setting files to be saved correctly. Note: Due to the way Windows treats folders, the 'Read Only' setting will appear re-enabled should you check again. This is because the read only attribute is only applied to special/system folders and is ignored in regular folders. The above procedure only affects files within the folder (and sub-folders).

    [edit > JonnyMac]
    Depending on the Winamp install the actual location of settings files may be in %AppData%\Winamp, where %appdata% is a shortcut to the 'Application Data'/'User Settings' folder. You can simply get there by typing %appdata% in to Windows Explorer address bar and press Enter or by Start button > Run icon > type %appdata% into the Open bar and press enter.

    Example, the actual/full paths to Winamp's 'Application Data'/'User Settings' folder is...

    Windows 2000 Windows XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Winamp

    Windows Vista Windows 7

  • Do you have any 3rd party plug-ins? The problem could be related to a dodgy plug-in.
  • Be sure to close Winamp before shutting down Windows or rebooting the computer. That will allow Winamp to properly save its settings.
  • No, dice? Try a full uninstall/reinstall (AKA clean install) of Winamp 5 (if using WA Pro, have reg key ready just incase) or maybe these possibly related issues from Troubleshooters Sticky > Common Issues...
  • Settings not being saved on Winamp close/restart
  • Limited Multi-User account issues (pre 5.2x versions)

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