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The tree biggest mistakes of the german translation are corrected in this file:

English -> Wrong Translation -> My New Translation

Browser -> Webbläsare -> Browser
(Webbläsare is not a word. It would sound like "Webblowariy" or something in English)

EasyMove -> Titelinfo bearbeiten (actually means "Edit title info") -> EasyMove

Media Library -> Medienbiblioteket -> Medienbibliothek

Visualization -> Visualisiering -> Visualisierung

Format Converter -> Formatlpnvertierer -> Formatkonvertierer (obviously a typo, look at your keyboard lp <-> ko)

"Reihenfolge von rechts nach links erzwingen" replaced by "Reihenfolge von links nach rechts erzwingen" as they translated it both as "von rechts nach links" ("from right to left") in the Playlist options.

Use the new file if you want. (Did this in 5 min, because I did not want to wait for a new release where these errors will - hopefully - be finished )

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