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Hmm... let me just check to see if that's the latest version on there.
I'm pretty certain I updated it to the 5.51 version,
and that there aren't really any changes for 5.52

I also seem to remember posting a message to the xlat mailing list about this,
and included a link to the latest template....


Yup, that's the latest 5.51 template, from 25th Dec 2007

As soon as there's any updates available, either me, DrO or Benski will post about it to the mailing list.

Benski is also working on a diff tool, that'll show exactly what's changed between release versions :-)


I think we clearly stated that there should only be one lang pack for each language, and that if more than one person is working on the same language, then you should liaise and work together to make just one lang pack.

Though to be honest, I really aren't sure what the situation is with regards to submissions and multiple lang packs for the same language...

At a guess, if there's a situation where it's a case of the same country/language but a different region/dialect, then you should specify so in the filename and lang-id.

If both the filenames & lang-id's are different, then this will be seen as a different translation by the system.

If the country & lang-id are the same, then if it's accurate, the translations should be exactly the same - and therefore there's no need for there to be two different lang packs for the same language.
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