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Re: nscrt.dll

The only (old/3rd-party) plugins/components I know of which still use it are:

Nullsoft Musepack Decoder v1.0 Beta (winamp\plugins\in_mpc.dll) -> update available
Album Art Viewer v0.2 (winamp\plugins\gen_classicart.dll) -> v0.3 available (no nscrt dependency)
XSPF Loader (winamp\system\xspf.w5s) -> update available (no nscrt dependency)
Classic Pro skin support (winamp\system\ClassicPro.w5s) -> update available (no nscrt dependency)
AACPlus Encoder (enc_aacplus.dll) from the SHOUTcast DSP v1.9.0 installer -> info
Remote Media plugin (ml_orb.dll), as included with Winamp Remote -> update available (no nscrt dependency)*

None of those are included with the default Winamp package
* except for ml_orb
(edit: which we've later determined to be the most likely cause of the problem, see below)

As far as I know, there's nothing in the default 5.57x distribution which uses nscrt.dll

nscrt.dll is our old library when we used to build the client with VS2003.
We now use VS2008 and ship msvcr90.dll instead.

The Winamp Uninstaller will remove nscrt.dll
but it won't remove any of the above (except for enc_aacplus), because they're not included with the Winamp distribution...
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