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Originally posted by DJ Egg
For anyone who needs it...

Save nscrt.dll to the Winamp root folder
ie. the same folder where winamp.exe resides

Then also place a copy of it in the Winamp\Plugins folder
Thanks for providing the valid .dll for those of us with this problem to download, but the directions you've given as to where to place it contain an extraneous step and the source of the issue appears to be mistakenly blamed on the plugins mentioned earlier in the thread.

I placed it in the /Winamp/plugins directory, which did not solve the issue. However, placing it in the /Winamp folder instead DOES solve the issue. Placing it in the plugins directory is fine, but not needed. Keep in mind I am on a system running XP (SP3), and not Windows 7 or Vista.

Therefore, at least for systems running XP, I would say with confidence that the issue is not related to a plugin calling for the .dll, its related to the registration flow and the application itself needing the .dll (this is when the errors appear..) For other systems, its entirely possible this is the same issue and the same fix will work.

Thanks again, just thought it prudent to provide this information as soon as I found it, since I found it nowhere else on the forums.

-Mark Massengale
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