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Winamp 5.571 loads fine for me with no nscrt.dll present,
on WinXP sp3 32-bit and on Win7 Ultimate 64-bit.

The only 3 components from the default package that I didn't have installed were 3 of the 5 Portable Media Player plugins (pmp_ipod.dll, pmp_p4s.dll & pmp_activesync.dll), because I don't have any of those devices, so have got no need for the plugins.

I placed those 3 DLL's in the Plugins folder, and Winamp still loaded ok with no nscrt.dll

The only 4 old components (not included with 5.571) that I know of which require(d) nscrt.dll are listed in one of my posts above.

If you get the error message on a clean install of Winamp 5.571 then alas, I'm baffled.

Anyone else?

We really need to see that "List of Plugins" (see above)
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