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Winamp Agent (winampa.exe) in 5.571 has no nscrt.dll dependency.
It's built in VS2008, and like nearly all other 5.571 components, only requires msvcr90.dll

nscrt.dll was the library used/required when we used to build everything with VS2003.
iirc, it was the equivalent of one of Microsoft's msvcr70.dll or msvcr71.dll.
Nothing in the 5.571 package is built with VS2003, therefore nscrt.dll or msvcr70/1.dll aren't required.

Because we can't get it to work properly when compiled with VS2008,
the AVS plugin (vis_avs.dll) is built with VC6 instead
and has an msvcrt.dll dependency (found in the windows\system32 folder, by default on all Windows OS'es).

Other old plugins/components included with Winamp that are still built with VC6 are:
dsp_sps.dll, vms_desktop.dll & read_file.dll

Other than 3rd-party libraries, such as Gracenote DLL's, Sonic Engine DLL's and lame_enc.dll, which are already compiled by said 3rd-parties and therefore can't have ever used our nscrt library, and also DrO's JTFE plugin (gen_jumpex), which I think has a VC6 msvcrt.dll dependency (?), everything else in 5.571 is built in our build system with VS2008.

So yes, I'm still baffled.

All I can think is that some older component/plugin must've somehow been in your Winamp folder before installing 5.571,
or you've installed something since installing Winamp which has placed some old component/plugin in the Winamp folder.
It's the only logical conclusion.
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