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Hmm, so you can't get the One For Nunz plugin to work properly?
The plugin version shows a lot more useful information
whereas the external standalone version is quite limited (it doesn't even show Windows OS).
I thought you said you could get Winamp to run ok after you'd put nscrt.dll in the Winamp folder?

Looking through your standalone version (my_plugin_list_ext.txt)
there does seem to be some discrepancies....

No elevatorps.dll listed...

Are the files: Elevator.exe and elevatorps.dll in your Winamp root folder?

If yes, then does their version number (via mouseover or file properties) say: ?

Note: those two files will/should only be present under Windows 7 and Vista
(ie. they aren't required and won't be installed under Win2k/XP)

Is there a "Microsoft.VC90.CRT" subfolder in your Winamp root folder? (WinXP/Vista/7)
And if yes, are the files msvcr90.dll and Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest inside it?

If any of those files are missing, then this would explain a lot of the problems.

Though it still doesn't explain why you get an nscrt.dll missing error.
Alas, I can't use the standalone plugin list to determine whether there's any old plugins or components present.
Only the One For Nunz plugin version shows plugin version numbers.

Can anyone...ANYONE...determine if there is any component (.exe, .dll, .w5s, .wac) included with the default 5.571 installation that is nscrt.dll dependent? And if yes, then what the hell is it?!?!?

I know I can't.
I've tested on WinXP 32-bit and Win7 Ultimate 64-bit with no nscrt.dll present and Winamp 5.571 runs perfectly okay.
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