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I just tried to freshly install Winamp on a brand new drive with fresh WinXP Pro install (with all updates) and got this error. I installed Winamp Remote, unchecked the other extras on that screen. I had unchecked Winamp Agent.

The install fails when on Setup stage. Then after restarting it, the NSCRT.ddl not found error comes up and Setup comes up again and fails when completed. This repeats.

When I copy your nscrt.dll to both directories, the error doesn't come up when restarting Winamp. I can get into winamp and play music.

Then when I got to Preferences, it crashes. I open winamp again and go to Preferences, same thing.

I've been installing and uninstalling Winamp 5.56 a bunch due to another problem ( ) before this new hard drive and didn't get this error before.

I really can't use winamp the way I want without changing preferences so this sucks.

Got another error when trying to close it. This didn't happen the first few times:
The instruction at "0x10001dfc" referenced memory at "0x079a59d4". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program
I have to say I've been using Winamp for a long time and I haven't had anywhere close to the problems I've been having with the recent releases. This sucks.

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