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Originally posted by Adion
As mentioned 24-bit input wasn't supported yet.

There's a new beta now which supports 24-bit input, and also allows volume control on multi-channel audio.
Yes, but I wasn't using 24-bit input. As I said, it did not work with either 24-bit output (at all), as well as 16-bit output (error, freezes on any stop/track change).

I just tried the new version and am getting the same error. I am using 16-bit input. 24-bit output is now working the same as 16-bit output, but I am still getting the same error on playback start and winamp freezing on stop/trackchange. I'll see about updating winamp and if that helps.

Nope, did not fix updating to 5.72 or switching windows output to 48/44khz.

Okay, I found the fix. Unchecking "Give exclusive mode applications priority" fixes the issues. Is this an problem you can solve in the plugin?
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