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this has been talked about a few times with the whole backup as a plug-in thing and it can't work as Winamp needs to be completely shutdown for all settings to be copied without the risk of loosing those settings due to files still being in use. some aspects can be backed up at the time but the media library i think is the one aspect (which most people gripe about) which wouldn't be able to be done reliably whilst Winamp is running.

and what Koopa is trying to do is pretty much what has been discussed to implement by a few of us behind the scenes as it's the safest means of doing a backup and provides the best flexibility which a plug-in will not provide in this situation without modifications to the core.

you could also automate some other things, like onefornunz plugin listings and so on.
automate in what manner?

if i were a dev, avoiding angry users would be #1 on my priority list
and if everything was as simple to do as comments like that then anything and everything would be able to be implemented. as you know it's not like that however and there are so many other factors affecting what is or isn't done with the available developer resources that what you (or anyone else thinks is important) isn't necessarily deemed so by people higher up the chain.

The problem is zipping it up
koopa: there's a zip plug-in for nsis which will handle all of that (though i've not used it, heh it should be reasonably well documented to use on the nsis wiki. and i'm glad you're doing this tool

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