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i don't think anything i've said should be taken as anything other than constructive. i fully understand your points but if outlook can do it, and it does do it, i would hope winamp could also do it. a plugin could initiate a totally and wholly separate (non-plugin) process that would wait to detect for winamp to be totally closed when it senses winamp has been been initiated to close. i believe thats how the outlook add-in works to backup pst files that otherwise would be in use.

this isn't big on my wishlist, tho it would be very nice to have. its just that in my observation, the angriest posts could be avoided by this, and so i would think the devs would be into it. if i'm wrong, fine, no skin off my nose.

as for onefornunz, the hope is the plugin could automate the txt file listing of all installed plugins. that way if someone had install failures the txt file would have the most recent plugins listed to help troubleshoot.

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