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Originally posted by MrSinatra
a plugin to automate tasks when winamp closes is a neat idea... besides a backup tool, it could conceivably do other things as well, such as apply RG tags to files without them. maybe generate html exports that get ftp'd of your ML. i know, i'm dreaming, but its nice to...
If we bring it to a command line friendly state later, a plugin could be written, which closes Winamp and runs the backup tool every x days in background.

That would come close to the 'auto' feature, which was requested by a lot people.

But I'm sure, even our 1.0 release, which backups files to a fixed folder will be very popular, though.

I've a lot of ideas for the tool, so no worries.

But applying RG or creating html playlists, is definitive not on our ToDo list.
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