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i don't know why this is a defensive or combative sounding convo. everything is meant only contructively. all choices are yours obviously. but as a dev i would think u'd be interested in user input and ideas.

in reply:

1. this is a faulty assumption. devs often put theory above practice, and that is never how it works out.

2. i thought automatic was what files to backup? now its also where to backup? i have to do custom just to be able to pick where to backup as opposed to what to backup?

i don't think location should have anything to do with those choices. its a separate pref/option/setting.

3. several ways to do this. it could simply look in the user defined location first, and use that first, and if not present, then go to appdata. it could also alternatively prompt the user to pick which to use.

thats actually important because such a feature essentially allows you to create "profiles" of your winamp install. ie. you can have different winamp configs/setups switched on the fly. also, it allows you to pick a different backup in case your primary one is corrupted.

besides, if you want to xfer the backup to another machine, again, appdata is not the best place to have it (only).

this is meant only as constructive feedback, nothing more. thx again for your efforts.

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