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If I wouldn't be interested in user feedback, I never would create a thread.
So dunno, what you got wrong, I just answered your questions.

I just constructively explained, why I made which decision. And that's a main thing in software development, decisions must be made.

1. this is a faulty assumption. devs often put theory above practice, and that is never how it works out.
The main aim of the tool, is it to provide a noob-friendly backup tool, for users, who mistakenly loose or destroy their settings.

We all know, where to find the folder and how to copy it.

Less advanced users, always do mistakenly bad things. I've explained in my previous reply, why I save it in Appdata.

Also, then you probably want, that Winamp doesn't use AppData too for the settings, or?

2. i thought automatic was what files to backup? now its also where to backup? i have to do custom just to be able to pick where to backup as opposed to what to backup?
We have 2 kind of users, non-advanced (see above) and advanced users.

Non-advanced users simply want an automatic tool, which doesn't require much user feedback. Something you asked for too, if I can remember.

My father probably would save the backed up zip file somewhere and never would find it again.

While advanced users should have the ability to decide, what and where should be backed up/restored.

Also note, that we talk about a future version, even version 1.0 isn't ready yet.

3. several ways to do this. it could simply look in the user defined location first, and use that first, and if not present, then go to appdata. it could also alternatively prompt the user to pick which to use.
This would require an additional bunch of code, with several integrity checks and it's obsolete. You can choose in future, where the file will be saved, so I fail to see the point of having two locations, if the user can set, where the file will be saved.

also, it allows you to pick a different backup in case your primary one is corrupted.
Backup Tool will work across profiles in future too. If you can choose, where the file should be saved, you can use the the tool to 'Restore' the settings to a different profile too.

Currently we are at the begin. A lot of things are possible and we trying our best to provide a tool, which will satisfy the users.

But don't forget, that all code requires a lot of time.

Even a simple backup files to Winamp_Backup folder thing is probably a lot more work, than people would expect.

My main goal is it to provide an approved, simple backup tool as soon as real life allows it.
Then we have a stable base, which can be worked on in future.

Just take it easy, I guarantee you that I'll listen to user feedback, just lemme work on the base first.
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