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Originally posted by Koopa
As for specific stuff, like backing up flac config or similar, this will be definitively a no go.

in_flac settings are part of Winamp.ini. I'm not interested in parsing specific parts of Winamp.ini and write them back later to Winamp.ini in Restore mode.

The amount of code would be gigantic, sorry.
once again, i have failed to explain my meaning. i am not asking you to do anything like what you seem to think via that response. no parsing, etc...

what i am suggesting is that you could take a virgin install, and make a backup called (no parsing)

then, you could alter some prefs, make some smartviews, and create a backup called (again, nothing parsed)

then you could once again go back, alter some more things, and create a backup called (once again, a full backup, no parsing)

and so on and so on...

this would allow the user to use the backup tool to enable loading differing winamp profiles under one windows profile.

no parsing needed or required.

have you ever used EAC? if not just try it and check out the EAC profiles feature. it simply allows for different configs, so that one profile can be mp3 oriented while another is flac oriented, just as an example. it could have differing file locations or whatever too. its just a way to enable different setups of the apps config/options.

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