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first of all, very cool, it looks nice, acts fast, and i love the "saves the llama's ass line" very funny.

here are my immediate first impressions:

i picked custom backup and it gave an odd dialog saying thats what i had done before proceeding. seems totally superfluous to me to do that, just one more unnecessary click, (i just clicked custom, i know thats what i picked).

there is an extra "s" in the dialog descrip line for choosing "automatic"

i don't think i saw it ask where it was going to save anything, and so i don't know where it saved whatever it made. kind of a pain if i want to restore the profile to a different machine.

i don't see in my start menu (vista ult 32bit sp2) how to start/run the tool again, its not a shortcut anywhere that i can see, (i looked in "winamp" first btw, where i think it should be).

but it obviously covers a lot of bases and ground and i think is well beyond "beta" in its development. looking forward to seeing development continue! great work!

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