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well from what i've seen (haven't tried with the examples) is GVM only crashed when there was a preset transition due to an issue in HeapFree(..) (so some form of memory freeing issue which could be just down to AVS built with a different compiler and abi differences).

i've still to try it out but some extra exception handling in AVS during that phase should help resolve the crash issue.

my main thing from friday night and a few hours today) has been looking into not being able to use AVS in full-screen or overlay modes and if anything, it's looking like trying to move over to use Direct3D instead of DirectDraw to be able to do what's needed (seeing as the DirectDraw interface has been legacy since Vista).

alas i need to read up on that as it's not a simple change from what i've taken in so far (and i could probably do something with re-using Milkdrop's code but that's one heck of a beast to combine into AVS when i don't think most of it's functionality is needed (i.e. just need enough to get the generated frames onto the screen - i believe a Direct3D Surface may be what's needed since we've using DirectDraw Surfaces already).

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