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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
i suggest you download the 'full' version and see what's in the installer...
Oh... I see. Just installed it, seems to be crap-less ;-) Thanks! And even the Browser detection plugin is finally UNselected in the installer if previously not installed

But - why on earth did you now include the Crash Reporter plugin (to whom will it report??)
Why is it installed without asking and not listed in the installer, and why can't it be uninstalled via Winamps Pref dialog (Winamp restarts, but it's still there after that)?!?!

I had to manually remove gen_crasher.dll to get rit of it...

Originally Posted by djpete1959
Can anyone explain in more detail what this bug was?
Yes, it was related to the Tray control icon, if installed. When you used the back button on it, the previous track was started with some stutter at the beginning. As if you had clicked "PREV" and "PLAY" in quick sequence in the main window.

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