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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
My current setup is simple: no ID3v1 tags, no comments, no unneeded fields, just artist/album/title/year), works flawlessly and I always used it. Last builds never crashed on me =).
If you don't use a genre tag and you do use the <Shift+E> tag editor, then do not revert to the 4.103 version of in_mp3.dll. That editor has a problem with files that do not contain a genre tag. The 4.104 version of in_mp3.dll was made to deal with that issue.

Unfortunately v4.104 also causes a problem with some users' mp3 files, but it works fine with my 6K+ collection (each file containing both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags and embedded art, but no replaygain tags). I process all my mp3s with "MP3 Gain" for volume leveling. So I believe the fault is somehow with the mp3 files that do not work with v4.104, but my collection is small relative to many others and the quick 'fix' is to revert to v4.103 (and use genre tags when using the <Shift+E> tag editor).

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