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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
ok, but it still would be worthy to see if you can reproduce the issue while running winamp in safe mode.

also, if the issue can be reproduced reliably with certain files (your copies) it would be good to provide them to the devs so they can fix winamp. (it would also be good to know if the issue is intermittent or not for any one given file, and if so, degree of intermittency)

just fyi, I have a very vague memory of some strange issue where RG would "zero out" the file or something like that. whatever it was, there was no audio info left in the file, so do be careful if those files are that precious.
Thus far the issues appear to be limited to just that collection of music, ripped off of four mix CDs a friend had.

From the first disc, no issues whatsoever. it's when it goes to process files from the second disc onward that this has happened.

I noticed in the older bug reports something about an issue with path naming conventions .... Could that be what's screwing with it?

Full path from the second onward being (external drive letter)\My Music\Many - Lee's Second (Third/Fourth for the other directories, first one has NO mention of which number in set) Mix Disc\(track Number) - (Artist) - (Album) - (Track Name).m4a
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