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Originally Posted by Alcahest View Post
Not in a million years. It's extremely light. It doesn't come with all the gracenote bs. It allows custom freedb URLs to retrieve album + track titles. It doesn't have any skipping issue like the official plugin (when i tried it) and I don't rip with WinAmp either.
You still don't really make sense. What do you use that out of date plugin for? I can't see a "bug" you are reporting here. Just a WishList thing really.

Have you even tried a modern version of Winamp? I don't get any skips on playing or ripping CDs in Winamp. The only thing I can see different is freedb instead of Gracenote.

Personally I rip more with EAC now, that also uses freedb.

Just trying to understand what you are describing as missing.
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