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Latest server on Ubuntu working just fine

Monday 4/13/15, I've put sc_serv 2.4.7 on my new Ubuntu 12.04 - 64 server, feeding it with sc_trans and it's all quite good. Stable, and good connection to YP.

I have abandoned the idea of using LiquidSoap or some other front end. The reason I wanted to use something other than sc_trans was so I could implement some compression & limiting in DSP, but as my program consists of a fixed rotation of MP3 files, I just applied processing to all the MP3 files and now use those 'pre-processed' files which have been adjusted to my needs.

Works fine. Fewer moving parts, too, than LiquidSoap or another front end, which is always good for stability.

So far, very happy with 2.4.7
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