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quick update, there will be some changes to the handling of the HTML5 audio control with the next DNAS release (so none of what I'm saying is in 2.4.7) which will ensure there is a ; on the end (so the DNAS will fully treat it as a stream request - which using a streampath for stream #1 (and any other streams) will also achieve) as well as adding a ?nocache=xxx dummy parameter.

this dummy parameter is an attempt to work around Firefox caching paused / stopped streams even when you previously refreshed the page (which is apparently a long standing Firefox 'quirk' according to this).

and please remember, that this is just adding the default HTML5 audio control the browser provides onto the pages and so will vary in handling / appearance between browsers and is just provided as a quick way to check what the stream is doing at the time. for a fuller featured option which can be put into a more specific page (rather than the default pages from the DNAS), there are plenty of options including ths for those looking for something more.
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