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Originally Posted by adomanim View Post
It saddens me that Winamp has basically died. I wrote two plugins to solve issues that are basically still not available on other platforms such as VLC. Add to that Tomass' DSP plugins and the SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading plugins and I have yet to find a fully featured player. My primary player for streams and "one-off's" is VLC but when I want to play a large library of music, I still snaptube telegram web vidmate go to Winamp.

I know. I still use Winamp for all my music playing needs. I even still use an iPod for my car, which I keep up to date with my favourite playlists with Winamp. I hate all the splashy huge apps people use these days. Small and does its job, that's Winamp and it does virtually anything I ever want to do when it comes to music.

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