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Subway pissed me off. I ordered a nice footlong Italian BMT (cold cut with ham, pepperoni, salomi, and choice of cheese) loaded up with veggies for lunch today, and it wasn't until after it was made that they told me that the Italian BMT is not included on the $5 menu. I still bought it, but damn.

(in before "you cheap ass son of a bitch")

Before dinner -

nachos and the cheese sauce I described before - I have around a gallon of that stuff in small containers in the freezer - I just pull more out and heat it up when I run out of each one.

For dinner -

Boneless/skinless chicken breasts, breaded them (egg, milk, flour, spices, Parmesan, Italian bread crumbs), and deep fried them.

Also on the plate -
salad (pre-packaged salad mix with Wish-Bone Italian dressing),
baked potato (nuked actually...),
garlic bread (toss butter & garlic salt on the bread then throw it in the toaster oven)

...and water of course.

And now (midnight snack) "Jadranka Krastavac" pickles that my neighbor bought me at some middle-eastern store when she was out of town. Strange tasting, but still good. She also bought some long chocolates with banana-flavored filling. Not recommended. Banana and chocolate don't play nice together. The box says "Casali Konigliche Schoko-Bananen" and none of the labels on the back are in English.

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