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Acid Wave - Well it does what the suggests, it's just a trippy visual. There is little to no music response or cohersion to the little response it has. So it's just a trippy visual for people who are tripping.

Becoming one - I first thought my computer was freezing and wouldn't load the preset at all, but no, it's just on-beat effects to a static image.

Dances with Light - The first resemblance of some on-beat reactions going. albeit very basic in design, the reactions are pretty drastic whenever they happen, which is a base of a good preset. You need to have something OOMPHF to happen whenever the music plays a strong beat or the likes.

Egyptian Dreams - A fractal dream wrapped in a singuloid reality. I played this on the loudest songs, I played this on the softest songs, saw very little difference. It's purely for the looks it seems.

Hello God - The only time I saw this preset stop was by playing something truly strange with alternating frequencies, otherwise it just wouldn't stop spazzing around.

Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, I haven't logged in forever and im still locked in 2008 when it comes to AVS reviews.

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