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With the past couple versions of Winamp (2.50 and on) I've gotten these annoying glitches in the audio, where it would sorta replay several milliseconds worth of audio a couple times (lasts only a fraction of a second) ... it often did this when I was using other programs, especially Netscape, glitching when I clicked on links. When I upgraded to 2.62 in hopes of losing this glitch, I find that, not only does it do that small glitch, the audio simply stops at times. The time counter gets stuck, and it looks paused, except that scrolling the bar back and forth and pushing pause don't do anything. I can only push play, and the song restarts from the beginning.

All that comes to mind is... wtf? I wish I kept the older versions of Winamp around... all these newer versions can't seem to properly do the one thing I started using Winamp for in the first place... to play mp3s.
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