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Question FLAC AAC WMA to iPod


i read around the forum and the Wiki but didn't find the anwer to the problem i have.
First of all i love the ml plugin cause i hate itunes and ipods at all. Still have my iriver HP-140 around
Only thing that brought me here is the fact that i am going to buy a car radio which supports ipods better then usb harddrives, and my girl has an 120gb iPod classic that was just laying around.

I love to manage the ipod with winamp cause i use winamp since a long long time.
Now when i came to sync the ipod with my playlists , i realized that only mp3 is transfered.
Got a lot of FLAC, AAC and WMA files in my library.
I already tried to transcode the FLAC to AAC@448 , but still no luck.
also transcoded the FLAC to WMA 10 Professional .. no luck syncing it to the pod.

Read about the Hidden settings in the .ini file, but there is no info in which compressed format it will be converted... ( can't try it, i am not at home ... )


1.. Is there a way to sync FLAC WMA or AAC files to the ipod?
if not
2.. whats the format which comes the quality of FLAC nearest, which you can sync to the ipod ?

I hope someone can give me some imput , even this has been discussed before, i didnt find it...


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