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Files won't show in Winamp after double click / enter


I've got this problem since a few days. When I double-click on Windows explorer to open a file in winamp (whatever the file extension: mp3, flac, etc), it opens Winamp but the file is not there. Winamp starts with the playlist or blank, whatever it was last time I closed the software. And also the context menu that usually appeared with a right click on Windows Explorer to choose between "put in the queue after" (I use it in French so I don't know the exact words used in English. In French it said this: "Mettre à la suite dans Winamp"), etc, is also gone.

The problem appeared just after I put a plugin for OGG/Opus in the plugin directory: in_opus_v0.911. Downloaded here on this forum:

I was using Winamp 5.666.

I reinstalled it. Problem still there. I installed the new Winamp 5.8 build 3660. Problem still there.
I removed ALL the software with preferences, settings, ALL. Restarted Windows (Windows 10), reinstalled the software. Fresh start with faactory settings. Nothing worked, the problem is still there!

Maybe it's a problem of compatibility with Windows 10? But there I had no Windows update lately!

Please, help! I use Winamp a lot and there's no other softwares that satisfy me for music.
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