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Lost Souls Pack (new!)

Yo lactose spelunkers,

Lost Souls Pack
* 1.30am
* Inside the Flux Capacitor
* Plasma Temptation
* Spirits of the Jelly Babies
* Star Wars Iceblock
* Submarine

* Witchcraft (DMT remix)
The most "unwitchcrafty" witchcraft remix, but still retaining the original custom waves

Not a mindblowing pack, although quite happy with "submarine" and "plasma temptation"... but hey, shows what i've been up to i suppose.

I love the variety of presets that gets periodically pumped out on this site. Each author has certain territory that they love to explore, while also making the odd digression. Though presets can be quite similair, they are all undoubtably unique... so I applaude you all for keeping the cow alive

I am starting to think that 3D maths is unavoidable, and I am going to have to revise this in order to move forward into new fishy territory.
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