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Originally posted by gflores
It's fixing the playlists for me. Did you read the instructions?
Wait a minute.. i think we're not talking about the same thing anymore here. It gets kind of confusing now there are 3 different plugins already mentioned in this topic.

My last post refered to the dupechecker. (1)
Dynamic Library (2) DOES fix playlist for me as well indeed.
An as for the third (3), the plugin this topic is actualy about...
I-m re-testing it right now, but as i can see by the timestamps on this threat, it's no longer developed/suported

EDIT: Finished re-testing.. for me sometimes it works, sometimes not. seems to depend on the new location of the moved / renamed files. So it's buggy at least and only works for ML playlists, so no good to me. I'll stick to DL to do the job

*sigh (still) under construction*

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