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yes, there have been some presets posting that use other people's code without credit, for example my glowsticks code has been used, but my name is nowhere in the title, that's plagiarism.
There has been a pretty standard method for giving credit for as long as presets have been getting posted in these forums. If you remix someone else's preset you name the preset as your remix of it. If you borrow code from someone's preset rather it being a full on remix you put those author's names in the title, either as your own name + that author's name, or to comment in the title as such [e.g. authorName - preset title [krash's beat code] ].

I have no problem with people using my code or remixing my presets [if i did, i wouldn't post them in the forum], but credit must be given, otherwise you are presenting work as if it were your own. Part of collaboration is giving credit where credit is due.

The cases here where it's already happen i can totally accept as unfamiliarity with how the community has worked, but if credit isn't given i can name names and presets [i'd prefer to avoid that sort of conflict, i think this can be resolved peacefully and quite easily].

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