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Originally Posted by DrO:
also no one has to reply on here as support is predominately done by other users so if they don't know then they won't reply.
I know that ^^
I just wanted to bring it up again

With songticker I mean this little popup:

(it's called songticker in the skin preferences of Bento)
It displays information about the track that just began to play (it fades in and out)
It's nice and I would like to keep it, but not skipping through songs is important too
I noticed furthermore, that the media keys work flawlessly when I'm not focused to any window (f.e. when I'm on the desktop).
I never installed or uninstalled any Plugins, it's a fresh and only some days old install of winamp, the problem was from beginning on

Edit: actually I was wrong... I don't know why I memorized songticker, it's actually just notification >_>
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