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Winamp/ Galaxy S5 sync issues

I know winamp is under new ownership and all, and I have searched a fair bit but can't find solutions! Any help is appreciated:

I have the winamp app installed on my s5, and winamp on my pc. both work fine individually, however together they suck lol.

-I download songs both on my pc and on my android, so i need to be able to compile a library from both. any attempt to sync (it connects fine) leaves me with a complete duplicate library with slightly different track titles. The only work around I've found is to delete all songs on the android during syncing, this doesn't work if I'm downloading songs on both devices however...

- Syncing playlists from android to pc would be great, however only some songs will transfer, (say 4 show up on the pc when the android playlist shows 7)

Thanks for any help!
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