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Hi folks,

I spent some time trying config out the best out of the YASAPI plugin. right now it runs in exclusive mode, releases device while paused, and works Great for MP3s, which are about 50% of my collection.

But the rest is FLAC.

FLACs are playing just fine for the most of the time. However, when I leave the PC untouched for long enough to turn the screen off, and then I wake the screen up, music stutters for a second or so. For MP#, I worked it out by enlarging input plugin buffer. No hope for that for FLACs in Winamp 5.666. I've tried to find alternative FLAC plugin, but the one I found was in_FLAC 1.1.1, which is quite old and didn't solve the issue. Also, there is in_ffsox by pbkelner, but I cannot put it to work, no matter what I do it crashes when I try to save the settings.

Besides - I have Asus Xonar DX audio card with most up-to-date official driver. Someone on Asus board suggested, that graphic card might cause the issue:
Which might be, because I also have geForce (GTX 950 from MSI) and issue occurs when The GPU output wakes up, but I don't have the registry entries mentioned in the post linked.

And the most important - no audio disruption when I use default Winamp out_ds. That's why I post it in YASAPI topic. Can't say how much it is 'by design', and how much it is a plugin bug, and how much it is... everything else I mentioned or not in this post.

I see that author has dropped the development, but I'm willing to help providing debug only if I knew it will cause any response.

If any more data is needed, I can do further research, I will have time in the upcoming weeks.
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