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Originally posted by octatone
It hasn't been "a day", it's been three days. Accepting money for keys that don't work, is just wrong - and not immediately providing keys that do work makes you look incompetent.
Where would they get WORKING keys if the KEY GENERATOR is faulty?

I assume, in INTERNAL testing there was probably one of the following:

• a way to circumvent the necessity for a key - I doubt that exists in any public release, or if it does, they aren't going to tell you
• some sort of "master" key that was used - they wouldn't release that info

I highly doubt this beta was released without some sort of internal testing of the new "feature". It's just that something went wrong with the public release

as chuckeh said, the issue of the key generator was disclosed at approximately 10AM 26th February (GMT) - now, I don't know where the dev member(s) responsible for the key generator are located, however, at most, they had only a single day (excluding weekends) so far to fix this issue

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