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BUG: erroneous exclusion in artwork

5.581 win7

config to reproduce:

3 panes
albumartist, top left (all albumartists selected)
album art, large icon, top right
tracks, bottom pane

in this case, i had two tracks in two separate directories/folders:


the same artwork was in both, and they shared the same album name, ...almost. the artist was "the ventures" for both, and the albumartist was "Soundtrack (TV) themes"

the track in mash had this for the album tag:

Ventures - Tele-Ventures

the track in starsky had this for the album tag:

The Ventures - Tele-Ventures

the issue:

the starsky track was NOT displayed anywhere, even when the albumart for it was picked and the MASH track was visible!

the article "the" should be ignored, but it isn't apparently, for creating this result in ML.

the workaround:

remove the article "the" from the starsky album tag, now both tracks display!

the bigger problem:

this is the kind of thing one could very easily miss and not be aware of. also, i think the issue would exist even if both files were in the same directory/folder.

these are the kind of problems/issues i fear the most with winamp or any music manager. you basically have to be lucky to catch it, and who knows what other similar issues or same issues you missed??!?!

winamp Devs, you need to get serious about re-doing the ML plugin, top to bottom! i like how it is, but the bugs need to go away!

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