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As beginners you need to learn how to search the net for the existing answers, rather than to ask someone write it for you.
Typing "what is an apk" in your favourite search engine would have given you the answer within seconds.
I can see a range of answers that suit any ability, including no ability.

As beginners you also need to recognise that you were directed to the wiki page where the first sentence says;
Android application package (APK) is the package file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google's Android operating system.
Q: What does the Winamp Android FAQ have to do with Winamp Android questions from beginners ?

As beginners with anything you also need to recognise that when someone directs you to the FAQ for the product you are talking about, that it is where you will learn the other answers that you will want to ask next, and also understand the limits of the product you are using.

Unfortunately as Android beginners you have also just pointed yourself out to the world, that you and your phones are soft-targets for hacking and exploits.

Android is currently one of the most risky OSs to use, due to the lack of security updates and lack of knowlage, so you better start learning and reading as much as possible.

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