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At first I want to post the links to 2 other threads:
Just posted in the second thread. It is very sad, but there are facts. Life is fragile, and I have read very much in the newspapers...
1993 Frank and I didn't have the possibility to find an apartment in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, because all leased apartments there were very expensive. We had found an apartment in Berlin-Neuk├Âlln, and it was far away enough from the environments with very much violence and crime. But the violence and crime had spreaded also into our environment in the last 20 years. I think, it is still important to be careful. But also in a "better environment" it can happen, that a teenager crosses the way of a group of other teenagers, and suddenly he is attacked, beaten and ends up in a hospital, just because he wears only cheap sneakers an no brand sneakers. And this year a young man had to die, just because he had helped his drunken friend early in the morning. Suddenly a group of teenagers had attacked him, he was beaten to death. It had happened in a touristic-mile...
Not only the knowledge about the violence and crime is a reason for fears. I am not very healthy, and if I feel sick, then I should stay at home, of course. Yesterday and today we have a large heat in Berlin (the other German cities have the same weather). Yesterday more than 100 people outside have fallen into unconsciousness. I don't want to faint (swoon) outside and end up in a hospital, of course...
I want to be sure, if I have to go outside, then I also want to come home again, that's very important for me...

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