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The last time I forgot to mention another crime, which had happened in our environment, also not far away from our home. A young man had been shot, suddenly and unexpectedly, and the murderer didn't have known the victim. Also another murderer didn't have known the victim when he had killed a very young woman on another U-Bahn-Station in another district.

In Autumn 2016 I didn't have problems yet to use the stairs between the S-Bahn-Station and U-Bahn-Station near our home. But now I get a very weird feeling everytime, if I see these stairs, after I had heard about the attack on the stairs in the TV-news. The psychiatrists and psychlogists understand me.

For those victims, who had survived the many different attacks, mostly the life will not be the same anymore. Some of them will have to live also with different disabilities forever. For many of them their experiences were very traumatic, so that mostly they need professional help by the psychiatrists and psychologists. Nobody will know, how many talks, sessions and time will be needed. I am very glad, that Berlin has many addresses where people can get professional help.

Already after my 12th birthday I had to experience, that also teenagers can be very criminal and not only adults, although they are not allowed to do criminal things. Especially the boys had mistreatened me very much, but also the girls were terrible. And I know, teenagers can do also more terrible things with their victims. I don't want to talk about more details. I finally want to forget that although I cannot make it undo what did happen to me as victim. But I can mention, that I never feel very well, if I see groups of teenagers, and I need a very big distance to them.

Frank and I had to experience also very aggressive people in our life, and it is better not to cross their way. We know, that people suddenly can become aggressive and attack somebody without any reason, and we hear such people yelling in our street very often. In Summer 2015 suddenly I had been threatened by one of these people after I had left the house for the next extra-date. A very aggressive person cannot be arrested just for a prevention as long as this person didn't have commited a crime yet. But of course Frank or I don't want to be found dead in the edge first before finally we can get more help and security, because then it will be too late.

Also the murder-threats via E-Mail in 2004 were not very nice, and the criminal people had known our postal address. No one can judge such people. Are they very fanatic and do they really want to kill somebody? The police didn't find the criminal people, and there are some more unknown criminal people around the world. Also the internet is not a "safe harbor" (or the own home), not only the "world in real" can be dangerous.

We think, that some districts in our city are much better and less dangerous than other districts, although the apartments there are very expensive and for people with lower incomes it will be impossible to live there. The people with lower incomes can hope only, that they will not be forced to move into more dangerous environments some day, because the prices for leases and all other prices increase more and more while their incomes will not increase. But maybe the aggressions, crime and violence have increased in all districts generally.

In the Nineties we had dared more to go outside also after 8:00 PM although it never was very secure to go outside also at night. In the past the attacks and robbings had happened more in the late hours and less at day than in the times of today. Now it is better to stay at home after 8:00 PM, also if some of the supermarkets in our environment have open until 10:00 PM and 12:00 PM.

@ Fumbling_Foo , You have mentioned the eccentric individuals. Also Frank and I are individuals, and with our own music-taste, Electronic and its related genres, we don't fit the music-taste of the society. Mostly they like only Mainstream and no Electronic. But of course the society cannot patronize us and they cannot dictate us the music-taste, and if we don't want to listen to Mainstream, then it is our own decision. Another person cannot force me to visit Operas, if I myself don't force this person to visit Techno Parties. But many Electronic Musicians were forced to turn off the music on the different meetings, because only CDs with Mainstream were accepted, but not CDs with Electronic. Yes, we are eccentric...

Oh no, today we have Friday The Thirteenth...

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