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I remember a little bit more from my own youth. In 1980 my interests for Electronic Music, Astronomy and Parasciences began. I had my reasons why I never had mentioned my interests for Parasciences. Once I had mentioned my interests for Astronomy. When in one of the lessons we had mentioned other interests than watching TV and the teacher had read our interests later in the class, our names should have been kept anonymous, but suddenly a spiteful girl had yelled: "That's typical for Sabine!", and it was not anonymous anymore. Also I had my reasons why I had to hide my books and documents, because 2 girls suddenly had appeared at the door very often in times where I myself didn't have expected that, and they had called me also in the holidays very often. I was accused of being disgraceful, if I refused to make tours with the class also in the holidays. There was no respect for my free time and for my private life.

I remember also 2 other girls from the parallel class. I was already 15. When I was on the way home, suddenly they had crossed my way. They had forced me to try out a cigarette. I had coughed only, and I had thought: "Baaaeeehhh!!! How can they like that?" I myself never had started smoking, and it is much better not to start with that, because many adults are not able to stop smoking, also if they try that again and again. Fortunately the girls never had forced me to try out something else which would not have been so "harmless". But it is already very bad, that a teenager can be forced by other teenagers to try out and use something, if this teenager hates it very much, and sometimes alternatives exist for disliked things, also if they weigh a little more.

I know, why I always had left my first and only-one cassette walkman with real on-ear-headphones (no in-ear-phones) at home, when I had to go to school. Many other of my objects had been destroyed by the other teenagers very often, and I had needed these objects for the lessons. Not in all families the parents can buy new pencils and rulers for their children every day. The other teenagers had also made my clothes very dirty with their shoes so many times. When the school was over, I wanted to be alone for the afternoon and evening, but mostly also that was not possible. I had so many fears every day, when I was again on the way to the school. But then finally the day had come, where I had my last day at school. And then I had cancelled all contacts. I never wanted to see again the other teenagers.

The contacts at the primary school were much better, and I was in this class from the first until the fifth class, before I was forced to change the school. Also in the next school the class was not bad. After 1 year the class had been disbanded, and then I had to change to the high school. The old address-lists were not in a good state anymore, when I had left them in my mother's furniture in my parent's home. I had thought, they would be at a secure place. Mostly I had to do other things for my parents, when I had visited them. They both were already very ill after I had left the school, and I had to worry about my parents very often. Somehow I didn't have had more time to write all addresses on new blank slates, and before I got the idea for simply taking the time, suddenly the fire had come, and then it was too late. And again everything had come differently than I had planned.

Those people have many luck, if they have harmonized very well with their parents and if both parents have stayed very healthy until an age near the 90. My father had died with 74 when I myself was 36 and my mother had died with 85 before I myself had become 48. But at least Frank and I had harmonized very well with our parents. Many other people didn't harmonize so well with their parents, or they had lost their parents much earlier, sometimes already as children. Some other people had been beaten, mistreated, violated or also raped when they were children yet, by their own parents, and as adults they need psychiatrists and psychologists very often.

Back to the nasty neighbors in many houses. Many other long-time tenants in the same situation would have moved out on a voluntary basis already, although then mostly they will have got debts, and their new apartments will be much smaller. But they wanted to get back a more peaceful live with less fears. Before 2012 there never were such problems in the house. Frank and I are not the only-one couple, who suddenly had to experience a war. In 2012 the other neighbors had success with their war against my ill parents after 21 years, my mother had got the termination by the management, and she had lived in this apartment for 47 years, in the same time she also had been brought into the nursing home. It still hurts me, that I was forced to give away the keys to my parent's home which was also my first home in my life for a very long time.

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