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I have visited the lesson, and it was very informative. The guests have asked their questions at the end. It sounds very terrible what I had to hear from them. Since many months many long-time tenants are expelled with very nasty methods.

If the businessmen had bought the whole houses and sold the apartments already, then it is too late. Hopefully future businessmen can be stopped. But also if the apartments have been sold, then the new landlords are not allowed to make a termination for the first 10 years.

I had to hear, that also many old and ill people have got a termination, and especially these people have no chance to find a new apartment. There are many ways to get rid off the long-time tenants. Older people suddenly can be put under judicial care and into a nursing home, also if they don't have Alzheimer or age dementia yet and if they could have stayed yet in their old bigger apartments. After being pulled out, they never will see again their books, LPs, photos, clothes, jewelry, family heirlooms etc. Also supervisors have to follow the rules, but many of them don't, and they handle against the wishes of the old and ill people.

Many strange things have happened also in the 4 front houses after 2010. At least in 1 case, but maybe also in 3 other cases the tenants had got a termination, after the apartment had been re-sold. After 10 or more years suddenly a re-sale can happen, and then the next landlords can terminate the lease agreement contract, if they themselves want to move in. Suddenly also another long-time tenant had moved out. Was that really on a voluntary basis or not?

Now also couples get a 1-room-apartment as next apartment very often after they had to move out of the previous 2-room-apartment, although they have a claim for a 2-room-apartment with 1 living-room, 1 bedroom, 1 corridor, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, and not all apartments have a balcony. But of course it would be very terrible, if they would be forced to sleep under a bridge as next. More and more single tenants, couples and families lose their home and also all their material goods, mostly forever, if they are put out on the street, because the bailiffs come, if the clearing of the apartment is started by the landlords or managements. Many of them don't drink alcohol, and many of them always had payed the leases regularly without a break.

The problems happen not only to the long-time tenants, also to little shops, snack-bars, cafeterias etc. In our district many of them had only a short lifetime, but some of them had existed for many years. Yesterday I had to discover, that a very important shop had to close. Based on the information on the window I think, the shop didn't get bankrupt, the new owner of the whole house simply had terminated the lease agreement contract with the shop. When our cats were alive yet, I was in this shop very often. 11 months after the death of our last cat the management for all houses had prohibited the pets in a letter for all tenants. I had known already, that some new problems could come soon, but I didn't have known yet, that so many big problems would come.

Recently I had to hear again about the expulsion in the TV-news. One of the long-time tenants had said: "I live here since so many years. If I am forced to move out, then a world will break down around me", and this tenant is right. Of course Frank and I are afraid, that we ourselves could be the next victims, and of course also for me a world would break down. I can imagine, that then the next psychiatrists and psychologists will be needed.

I have shared my newest knowledges in one of the institutions, and the next people will come, people who have ended up in such a situation and need help...

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