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Do I have too much fears

I dont think any number is too little, or too much. It all depends on who you want to ask. Personally, I am having 3, but that is because I have 3 best friends/relatives that I wanted.. if I had have had 2 or 4 girls that I wanted to be in the wedding, I would have had 2 or 4 BMs....iykwim?
It sounds like you are happy with your decision to have 7 Bridesmaids, so go for it If you stuck with 2, but there were 5 girls who missed out, you will always end up regretting that you didnt ask them.
Also, you are having a big wedding, so I dont think it will be too much. If you were only having a small intimate affair, then it might be abit overwhelming
P.S Where are you going to fit 400 ppl??? You obviously have a BIIIIG family haha
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