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To do the right thing, I believe I should test this some more on my system.

A possibility is that the Properties for "uninst.exe" were configured to run the file in compatibility mode with DPI handled by Windows.

High DPI scaling override, tick the box inside properties, i.e.: "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by > Application, System, System Enhanced." ... Well, it's a theory. The folder perhaps cached the Properties setting. Not a good theory, however, since I never touched the Properties. To boot, both file and folder were repeatedly uninstalled while testing.

At present, I cannot reproduce the problem by renaming the folder back to 'bin'. The issue seems gone. The uninstaller is now dpi-aware.

I hope to reproduce it by reverting to the install script where the name was originally 'bin'. Maybe it was a combination of all factors combined.

Surely this is connected with NSIS and possibly manifests, so trying to get to the bottom of it might serve some purpose.

It will take awhile before I can get back to the older version. A day or two.

No need to reply.
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