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Tests : ManifestDPIAware notset

HTML Code:
22000: get=PROCESS_SYSTEM_DPI_AWARE sysdpi=144 aware=1
HTML Code:
19044: get=PROCESS_SYSTEM_DPI_AWARE sysdpi=144 aware=1
HTML Code:
7601: get=0 sysdpi=error aware=1
HTML Code:
6002: get=0 sysdpi=error aware=1
XP (virtual machine)
HTML Code:
2600: get=0 sysdpi=error aware=error
Graceful errors -- that's good.

On the older OSes, 7 & Vista, switching on dpi-awareness does not much.

They are dpi-aware to the extent that DPI defaults to 96 regardless of screen resolutions and font sizes, and DWM scales bitmaps.

Larger header images are displayed where an actual value for 'sysdpi=' exists, otherwise stretching can be applied to 96 dpi images that are the default based on the application's size.

Windows 11 still won't allow 'bin/uninst.exe' to run at anything other than 96 dpi. I have renamed my folder 'un' as a workaround.

The macro is fantastic. Thank you so much for it.

I don't know about the "ManifestDPIAware system" setting. Wouldn't it be easier for every monitor to just apply scaling according to DPI?

HTML Code:
System::Call 'USER32::GetDpiForSystem()i.r2'
If not 96 -> scale.

But what the hay, I'm sure there's situation where it is useful to set "system".
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